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Honda oil change near Baytown

One of the most important things you can do to keep your engine running smoothly is to replace its oil at the recommended intervals. Not only is oil is responsible for lubricating the myriad of parts under your vehicle’s hood, it’s responsible for cleaning and cooling them as well. Over time, your oil accumulates sediment, which decreases its ability to do its job. That’s when you need to schedule an oil change at our Baytown Honda service center!

How Often Does Oil Need to be Replaced?

A variety of factors go into determining how long the oil in your vehicle will last. In the past, the general rule was change it every 3,000-miles, but many of today’s vehicles can drive anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000-miles in between oil changes. Generally, these three things determine how long your oil will last you:

  • Age of Vehicle: The newer the car, the more likely you can wait longer to change your oil. Advances in engine design and manufacturing have resulted in engines that can go longer between oil changes.
  • Quality of Oil: With motor oil, like with most things, you get what you pay for. Higher quality oil lasts longer than oil of lesser quality. Synthetic motor oil in particular can increase your time in between oil changes.
  • Environmental Conditions: Strenuous conditions are not only tough on your vehicle, they’re tough on your motor oil. If you operate your vehicle in mountainous areas or you’re frequently towing, you’ll need to change your oil more often.

Consulting your owner’s manual is the best way to determine when your vehicle needs an oil change. In there, you’ll find a routine maintenance schedule that’s specific to your model, and these typically offer advice based on a variety of driving conditions.

Why Service at Community Honda?

If you’re looking for a great place to service your Honda in Baytown, look no further than Community Honda! We care about our customers and it shows in each and every interaction we have. From the moment you step into our recently expanded service center, you’ll notice the difference. In addition to being factory certified, our mechanics love what they do and it shows in their work. Whether you need routine maintenance, or untimely repairs, we have the tools and the know-how to get you in, out, and on with life.

We’re also active in the community and donate to a variety of different schools, charities, and other organizations. When you shop with us, you can know that your money isn’t just going to service, a portion of it will find its way to someone who needs it.

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"I go to this dealer for oil changes and maintenance on my car. The staff is always very professional and prompt. I've never had an issue and I would highly recommended this dealer." - Dealerrater user

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